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This page will take a while to load.  In addition, the page is wide in order to accommodate more photos.  Horizontal scrolling may be required.  Thanks for your patience.    Most photos on this page courtesy of Lynda Demsher and John Callaghan.
Deer Camp in the Warner Mountains 
Photo by John Callag
Deer Camp in the Warner Mountains Modoc Countyhan
Glorious Mt Shasta from a vantage point just south of Modoc County
Magnificent Mt. Shasta lies about 100 miles due west of Alturas.  Felicity photo
It doesn't snow this much often in Modoc, but when it does . . .
An Alturas garden after a winter snow.  Felicity photo
Wild Horse in Surprise Valley
Wild horse east of Cedarville
Photo by Lynda Demsher

Rainbow after summer storm Alturas
After the storm--west of the Warners. Photo by Lynda Demsher

Goslings in the Modoc National Refuge

Gosling in the Modoc Wildlife Refuge.  Photo by Lynda Demsher

Sheep in a Modoc snowstorm
Sheep in a Modoc snowstorm.  Photo by Lynda Demsher

Lily Lake in the northeast corner of Modoc County.  Photo by John Callaghan
Marilyn's summer garden Cool and inviting Ash Creek flows through Adin, California
Marilyn's garden in July                            Cooling off in the creek is not a memory in Modoc.  Easy flowing
                                                                 creeks are plentiful and secluded.  This is Ash Creek in Adin.
Evening grosbeaks north of Alturas   Photo by John Callaghan

Sandhill Cranes in the Modoc National Refuge
Sandhill cranes in the Modoc Wildlife Refuge.  Photo by Lynda Demsher

Summer garden flowers east of Alturas
A Modoc summer garden of daylilies and wild sweetpeas.  Felicity photo

Therese Bugnet a Rugosa rose blooms enthusiastically in Alturas
This rugosa Therese Bugnet grows enthusiastically on a ranch near Alturas. This plant is over five feet tall.  You can buy Therese Bugnet roses from Heirloom roses , an outstanding rose supplier.   Felicity photo

Just south of Newell, at the top of the ancient caldera lies this sleeping man.    His head is to the right and feet are at the left.             Felicity photo


 This is the entire north rim of the Newell caldera.  It looks like a sleeping dinorsaur. Again, the head is at the right; his back rises to the rough outcroppings, and his tail drifts toward the left.
Felicity photo.

The summit of Fandango Pass in northern Modoc County reveals a mountain lake and the Nevada Hays Range in the distance.    The Fandango Pass Road is gravel, but a pleasant drive in the summer time.  The Applegate and Lassen Trails both used Fandango Pass on the last legs of the trek into Oregon and California. 

Felicity photo



Perched atop Cedar Pass in Modoc is Bear Rock.  The bear at his dinner plate can be seen on the Surprise Valley side of the mountain, just west of  the Stowe Reservoir road.





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