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DENNIS TATE, owner and broker of Modoc Realty has made Modoc County his home for the last 33 years. He grew up in Mountain City, Nevada, north of Elko, and served in the US Marine Corps. Dennis met his future wife Kelle Tuteur at the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduation Dennis and Kelle worked for the University Extension Service for two years in Nevada. Dennis then received an offer from Beth Swift, Kelle’s mother, to work in real estate. Beth and Dennis opened Modoc Realty in 1979 with Dennis as acting Broker. The current Modoc Realty office at 335 N. Main Street was designed and built by Beth. Dennis and Kelle have two grown daughters and two grandsons.  E-mail Dennis at triadproperties@frontiernet.net  or call Modoc Realty at 530-233-3133. CRL# 00696849



MARTHA WILLIAMS, the chief associate of Modoc Realty was born and raised in Modoc County. She is a ranch girl, growing up with 4H and FFA projects. She operated a hair-dressing business for several years before earning her real estate license. She was associated with Dean Neer Modoc Realty until 2012, when Dean retired.   Dennis again assumed the Modoc Realty listings, and the physical location of the office moved to 335 North Main Street.    Martha is married to Guy Williams, a general contractor here in Alturas, and they have two boys in high school, Wes and Blake.  Martha and her family enjoy all the benefits of living in Modoc County: camping, fishing, and hunting, and are active in athletics and 4H.    Martha wants her boys to  "have what I had."  And that means a healthy active life busy in sports, community activities, and animals.   She is a productive and knowledgeable real estate agent, liked and trusted by her clients and customers  Email Martha at  martham407@hotmail.com  or call Modoc Realty at 530 233 3133.   CRL#01262595 






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